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L100L 5Ghz Economical Wireless Bridge

Wireless Bridge

L100L 5Ghz Economical Wireless Bridge

5Ghz Economical Wireless Bridge

Product Features:

  • L100L
  • Qualcomm AR9344 solution
  • Ultra-high receiving sensitivity
  • TDMA intelligent polling transmission protocol
  • Point-to-point, point-to-multipoint (1 to 64 or more)
  • Support IPv6
  • IP66 waterproof design
  • Built-in anti-surge design
  • Support scheduled restart
  • 1*100M PoE Port

Wireless power


Frequency band



built-in 8dBi high gain antenna

Wireless speed


Maximum throughput (bidirectional)


Maximum transmission distance


Maximum power consumption


Product size

141mm x 77.5mm x 53mm

Software Features:

✔ Professional HTML 5 management interface
✔ Built-in rich and practical toolset
✔ Support user isolation
✔ Support transparent transmission
✔ Supports bridge or router mode


1. What is the frequency band supported by the Qualcomm AR9344 solution?
The Qualcomm AR9344 solution supports a frequency band of 4.9~6.0Ghz, providing a wide range for wireless communication.

2. What is the maximum wireless power output of the device?

The device offers a wireless power output of 23dBm, ensuring strong and reliable wireless connectivity over long distances.

3. What is the maximum wireless speed supported by the device?
The device supports a wireless speed of 300Mbps, enabling fast data transfer and smooth multimedia streaming.

4. How many PoE ports does the device have?
The device features 1*100M PoE Port, allowing for convenient power and data transmission over a single Ethernet cable.

5. What is the maximum throughput of the device for bidirectional communication?
The device offers a maximum throughput of 185Mbps for bidirectional communication, ensuring efficient data exchange in both directions.

6.What is the professional HTML 5 management interface feature in the software?
The professional HTML 5 management interface in the software provides a modern and user-friendly platform for managing and configuring various aspects of the software. It allows users to easily navigate and access different functions using the latest web technologies.


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